Back on Track

Today I’m feeling good.  Well not really, if you follow me on facebook, twitter or instagram you know that isn’t the case.  I actually feel pretty shitty.  I think my month of go-go-go is finally catching up with me, just like I knew it would.

What has me feeling good?

Well yesterday was the first day in weeks that I actually got all 100 oz of water in.  It still amazes me how good water can make you feel.

I’m working out again!  I’m ashamed to say that 3 days in a row has me feeling good because really I was in the 6 days minimum routine for so long.  It really doesn’t take long to get out of that habit and forget how good it feels.  I really pushed myself this during this morning’s workout, but between the soreness  from the last two days (I love that new workout soreness) and this cold or allergies or whatever, I really feel like I could have done better.  Maybe next week.  I’m just happy I know I pushed my body to it’s limits (which change every day) and that I’m proud of!

My eating has been clean for 3 days!!!  I even managed to stop myself from licking the fluff off the knife this morning after making my daughter’s lunch. (I really need to get her eating more clean and less sugar!)  Tuesday I went over my calories I’m sure, but it was all clean, yesterday I ate back most of my exercise calories, but it was all clean (I even skipped the mini chocolate chips in my banana “ice cream”) and so far today I’m on track to only eat back a few exercise calories.

My biggest hurdle today is going to be bowling.  Tonight is the first night of the season and there is a lady that bakes a sweet treat every week, I need to resist!  I also need to resist drinking any beer.  This I know I can do because I did it all last season while trying to lose weight.  It’s the peer pressure from my teammates (eh’hem MIL).  Just kidding, they are great about not caring if I drink, they are just so much fun to drink with it’s hard not to.

I’m also trying to do good about getting my meal plan ready Every day I’ve been looking for new recipes this week, but I just don’t seem to be finding anything that my husband will eat, or that doesn’t take long to make.

Do you have a favorite clean recipe or website?

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